Interactive Fun & Games

Human Whack-A-Mole

14′ x 14′ x  5’H

Human Foosball

40’L x 23’W x 8’H

Movie Night

Bring back the days of drive-in movies by renting one of our Inflatable Movie Screens. Our giant size movie screens are guaranteed to impress your guests at any party or event. Enjoy an Outdoor Movie, Family Night, School/Church event, Fundraiser, Super Bowl Party, Pool Party, The Big Game or any event under the stars for the ultimate viewing experience. These are not limited to outdoor events only, they can be brought inside gyms or auditoriums for an indoor show. You can even add some of our fun food concessions to make your event extra special.

Inflatable Miniature Golf

It doesn’t get better than this.  This is the most unique and newest game to the market.  Tons of fun for all ages.  When the golf course is too busy this is the Best alternative.  This game could be rented as a 3 hole to 9 whole unit.  Great for backyard parties, block parties,  camps and schools


Just like on American Gladiators, this item allows your guests to compete against each other in this exciting contest with pugil sticks! The first one to knock their opponent off the pedestal is the winner in this fun, fantastic game. The pedestals stand in an inflatable floor which makes the fall harmless and fun. Competitive attractions like this one are fast becoming the most popular entertainment ideas around!

Alien Invasion

Velcro Wall

Velcro Wall

Put on a Velcro suit and hit the wall. A good jump, with a somersault or two, lands you against the wall stuck fast and gravity free until someone peels you off! The safe, colorful device is available for Birthday and Block parties, picnics, promotions, and similar events.


Climb into Airborne Adventure for a one of a kind ride into the sky! Get harnessed into the parachute sling. We’ll close up the hatch and your off! Climb to over 15 feet above the ground for a bird’s eye view through the upper observation window. Once we open the hatch, you’ll be gently lowered back to Earth for a safe and soft landing.

Boxing Ring

Who will be the champ with these giant over-sized boxing gloves? The gloves are well padded for safety, and the ring is an inflatable air cushion. This system is Safe, sensible, and a whole lot of crazy fun now that’s a winning combination!

Fortress Obstacle Course

Race your partner through this 50′ Inflatable Obstacle Course. You will need to crawl, jump, climb and squeeze your way to the finish line. This inflatable rental is great for gatherings large or small. Kids and Adults can participate in the Dual Lane Challenge!

Air Bot

First of all – WOW! What a game! This attraction is like making your dreams come true. Better than virtual reality, better than video games. This kind of entertainment has never been seen before. Airbots is a battle in which participants get into a suit in order to engage in a harmless, exciting match with each other. This is a guaranteed to impress your guests!


Talk about a blast from the past, our giant inflatable Twister will hold up to 10 players per game. Watch your guests get all twisted up as they try and keep up with the colors called and keep their balance at the same time. Great for kids and adults alike for a twisted good time!

Water Balloon Splat Zone

Enjoy a fun filled day and stay cool at the same time with our water balloon adventure zone. Choose teams or challenge the adults to a contest. Play outside all day and stay wet all day.

Water Balloon filling station

This is a great add on to the Splat Zone Inflatable This unit makes it possible to fill water balloons as fast as a water balloon can be filled. Can also be rented without the Splat Zone.

Hot Patato*

How could we end the list without one more game that involves magically floating balls? This unique game puts two competitors against each other in an attempt to ‘walk’ the floating ball from one cone to the next, and into the basket before their opponent. It’s a bit tricky at first…but don’t say we didn’t warn you that it’s extremely addicting.


Horse Bicycle Ride*

Welcome to the Kentucky Derby These bikes are the most unique bikes you will find. This is a definite crowd pleaser for adults and kids of all ages. Ride these bikes like a regular bike accept instead of steering with handle bars you steer with your reins.


Foosball Table

Rent foosball and show off your skills against family and friends. Foosball is a fun classic rental that is always a great time and a great way to show who is the best!

Air Hockey Table

Play for hours against your friends and enjoy our large Air Hockey challenge. Great for everyone at the party.



Enjoy hours of play on this inflatable interactive bouncer!

Knock Off Head

Enjoy hours of play on this inflatable interactive bouncer!

Hose Hockey

Hose Hockey

Inflatable Dims: 7′ x 12′ x 10′

Pin the tail on the donkey

Pin the tail on the donkey

Bungee Run

Bungee Run