Large Yard Games

Large Yard Games

We have all kinds of yard games for your next party.

  • Connect Four
  • Giant Checkers
  • Jenga
  • Kerplunk
  • Yard Bowling


An ideal way to learn strategy and planning and to involve youngsters into a more tactical game than they are use to playing on the video game systems.



Here it is. A game everyone loves. The inflatable pins are 27″ tall and the ball is inflatable too. This game is great for kids 6 and under although we have seen older kids as well as adults play with it as well.

A perfect add on to any inflatable rental.


Giant Kerplunk

Players take turns removing a single straw from the cylinder while trying to minimize the number of balls that fall through the tube and into their tray. Once a player has committed himself to a particular straw by touching it, they must remove it.

This game is 3 feet tall.

Yard Jenga


We all Know JENGA, Here is a life size version of it.
Build the tower then take turns to remove a piece and add it to the top without making the whole tower tumble. Fun for all ages. Starts at 3 feet tall and builds to 60″

Connect Four

Connect Four

A Game we all know and Love
Strategy, skill and of course a lot of luck combine to make this giant version of the small well known Connect 4 game. Take turns to drop your counters into the frame, trying to form a line of 4 and stop your opponent from doing the same. The game stands over 3 feet tall which means that adults can play in comfort. Children small and tall have equal fun. Its even wheel chair friendly.

Pin the tail on the Donkey